Morrisburg Lions
'Junior B Hockey'

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13 2

1st Period

Morrisburg Barnett (Graveley) 19:08
Morrisburg Gove (Scheffer) 18:14
Akwesasne Thompson 10:26
Morrsiburg Brunet (Scheffer)(McLeod) 0:27

Morrisburg Kirkwood (checking to the head, misconduct) 728. Morrisburg Gadway (hooking) 343.

Period 2

Morrisburg Gove (Gadway)(McLeod) 14:34
Morrisburg Sauve (Lafortune)(Cain) 13:20
Morrisburg Brunet (McLeod) 12:15
Morrisburg Barnett (Graveley)(Galipeau) 10:32

Akwesasne Thomas (tripping) 1533. Akwesasne Shea (slashing major, game misconduct) 745. Morrisburg Elliot (highsticking) 539. Morrisburg Cain (slashing) 254. Akwesasne Rice (elbowing) 000.

Period 3

Morrisburg Mainville (Graveley)(Cain) 18:23
Morrisburg Galipeau (Barnett)(Mainville) 17:47
Morrisburg Mainville (Elliot)(Scheffer) 15:29
Morrisburg Brunet (Gadway) 10:27
Akwesasne Thomas (chadwick) 9:25
Morrisburg Barnett (Graveley) 4:55
Morrisburg Lafortune (Kirkwood)(Barnett)

Akwesasne Thomas (slashing) 1816. Morrisburg Sommers (interference) 1417. Akwesasne Goodleaf (interference) 955. Morrisburg Graveley (roughing, misconduct) 445.

Penalty SHOT:

Taken by Galipeau at 1:04 of the 3rd Period. No Goal


Morrisburg: Tony Natoli
Akwesasne: Brandon Mather