Morrisburg Lions
'Junior B Hockey'

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1st Period

Alexandria Brunet (Herbert) (Best) 18:06 PP

Morrisburg Sommers (slashing) 1910. Morrisburg Elliot (interference) 1709. Alexandria Mortar (roughing) 1404. Morrisburg Sommers (roughing) 1014. Alexandria Michaud (boarding) 909. Morrisburg Mainville (hooking) 659. Alexandria Bench (too many men) 526. Alexandria Camerson (highsticking) 023.

2nd Period

Alexandria Leduc (M.A. Fournier) 8:52 SH
Morrisburg Elliot (Gove) (Galipeau) 736 PP
Morrisburg Gove (Graveley) (Elliot) 6:31 PP
Alexandria F. Fournier (J. Louis) 1:46

Alexandria Cameron (highsticking) 1753. Morrisburg Mainville (tripping) 1203. Morrisburg Barnett (checking to the head, misconduct) 1103. Alexandria Dore (hooking) 922. Alexandria J. Louis (slashing) 709.

3rd Period

Alexandria Michaud (M.A. Fournier) (J. Fournier) 6:48 PP

Alexandria Morter (elbowing) 1233. Alexandria M.Fournier (slashing) 1128. Alexandria Bench (too many men) 705. Morrisburg McLeod (roughing, misconduct), Elliot (roughing, misconduct), Alexandria VanOverbeek (roughing, misconduct), Dore (roughing, misconduct) 535

Alexandria: Bouchard
Morrisburg Natoli